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Halloween Hijinks: An interview with War of the Worlds Directors Craig Coletta and Dave Marcoot

With infinite complacency, men go to and fro over this globe about their little affairs— but on November 5, 2016 at exactly 8:00pm, the world as we know it will cease to exist. The aliens have landed (though that may have actually been some five years ago when Yellow Sign Theatre took up residence in the old Zodiac Restaurant…theatre company started on a dare? A likely story…) and they’re recreating a science fiction thriller with their pending production of Orson Welles infamous radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.

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The Bard & The Beautiful by Twisted Knickers Burlesque at Yellow Sign Theatre

What soft through yonder window breaks? It is Burlesque! And Twisted Knickers is the sun! A strip! A tease! Their kingdom for a strip-tease! The Bard & The Beautiful brought some of Shakespeare’s finest work as it was meant to be experienced— by the groundlings with a true appreciation for beauty of all varieties— to the stage of Yellow Sign Theatre. And although tis no longer midsummer, what was witnessed was beyond the audience’s wildest dreams!

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Scott Burke (left) as Junius Brutus Booth and Alex Hacker (right) as Flynn

Their Kingdom for an Interview: Talking Richard III with Playwright Alex Hacker and Actor Scott Burke

Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on Alex Hacker. The Baltimore-based playwright and actor has is preparing for the world premiere of his newest work, His Majestic Lump of Foul Deformity, debuting with his company The Analogue Players later this month. But the play itself was an accidental response when Hacker hit a creative roadblock to a different work (one still in progress) that at present remains unfinished. In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview,

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Review: Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz at Yellow Sign Theatre

They’re zany in the brainy, and totally insaney! They’re the— well— the alien abductees of Area51 that Agent Coletta doesn’t want you to know about! That’s right, folks, Baltimore’s Artscape 2016 has been invaded— by aliens! Or at least— Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas have been invaded by aliens— or maybe not— it’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey— and now have permanent alien technology vibrating inside of them! Produced by Yellow Sign Theatre at this year’s space-themed Artscape,

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Space: Magic’s Final Fronteir- Lucas & Liz Make Magic in the Milky Way

Space. The final frontier. Boldly going where no man has gone before. That was before Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas got abducted by aliens, returned to Area51 impregnated with alien technology, and dropped upside their heads in the throng of Baltimore’s Artscape 2016. In a brand spanking new magical show called Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz, L. G. Gerace Most Marvelous and his new magical assistant, Liz Christmas, will take on the terrestrial-extraneous,

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Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines March Broadcast at The Yellow Sign Theatre

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled Thursday evening programing to bring you the March installment of Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines. Brought to you by Truth Dollars, the only way to fight communism behind the iron fence, this week’s monthly broadcast has temporarily relocated from its regularly scheduled Monday night time slot to a terrifying Thursday evening. Just what has old Horatio concocted in his lab that has the show traveling about through the nights of the week?

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Review: Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines February Broadcast at The Yellow Sign Theatre

Good evening, Charm City. It’s 9:00 o’clock, not quite the witching hour but certainly the hour to be bewitched by your favorite radio program host— the master of the macabre! The antiquarian of the insane! The navigator of the netherworld! Why, it’s time to grace your ears with the haunting styles of Horatio Dark and his monthly broadcast of Between the Lines. Presented in live and living color from the radio-broadcast station of WYST (taking up residence in the old Yellow Sign Theatre up on North Charles Street in Station North),

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Review: Horatio Dark’s Between the Sheets at Yellow Sign Theatre

Love is in the air, all around you, and most definitely between the sheets if you’re doing it right! (Or maybe bedsheets aren’t your thing so you’re doing it in an anti-gravity suspension chamber with strap-on tentacles— whatever floats your boat.) All that delicious erotic loving— remember the antiquarian of the insane and his die-hard followers need love too— was all wrapped up in one gooey, tentacle-covered package for a Valentine’s Day at The Yellow Sign Theatre.

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(L to R) Chris Allen as the Rookie Gumshoe, Jeffrey Gangwisch as Theodore16, Craig Coletta as Bennington Marcus, and John Bennett as The Chief reading Haunted Chrome: A Bennington Marcus Mystery

Review: Horatio Dark’s Between The Lines: December Broadcast at Yellow Sign Theatre

The master of the macabre, the navigator of the netherworld, the antiquarian of the insane— why it can only mean one thing! That it’s 9:00 o’clock, Baltimore, it’s the last Monday of the month, and it’s time for Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines at Yellow Sign Theatre. Commemorating a milestone on this very last Monday of the 2015 calendar year, Horatio Dark concludes its first season of broadcasts with this latest episode.

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Craig Coletta, Artistic Director and Founder of Yellow Sign Theatre

Art Doesn’t Have to be Arty: An Interview with Craig Coletta on his Hotel RL Living Stage Presentation

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! You think you understand art and culture? You’re about to discover that art and culture as you know it may in fact be older than you are. In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview to promote his upcoming TED-style conference talk appearing at the Hotel RL Baltimore— as a part of Hotel RL’s on-going The Living Stage Experience project— Yellow Sign Theatre’s Founder and Artistic Director Craig Coletta sits down to explain his approach to theatre in the arts.

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Review: Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines November Broadcast at Yellow Sign Theatre

It’s 9:00pm, Baltimore. Are you sitting up eagerly by your radio cabinet anxiously awaiting the master of the macabre to make his way into your living room? The navigator of the netherworld is nearing his time to kick off the monthly broadcast of Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines, recording live from inside the walls of The Yellow Sign Theatre. The antiquarian of the insane takes the audience for a riveting ride through four new installments of radio episodes designed to harken back to a time of thrilling radio plays and radio mysteries.

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Review: From A Black Egg at Yellow Sign Theatre

Rebelling against the self-satisfaction of our civilization, at the crossroads where film and theatre intersect, a world premier work has settled itself into The Yellow Sign Theatre for the Halloween season. Written and Directed by Aaron Travis, From a Black Egg is an edgy new approach to the way theatre is experienced. Settling into the notion of German Expressionism and silent films, the work— in true Yellow Sign Theatre fashion— does not show you a mere silent film work adapted to the stage,

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Brassieres of Terror- Late Night Double-D Feature at Yellow Sign Theatre

In the dead of night, when the moon is high, and ill winds blow…that’s when you should be slinking over to the Yellow Sign Theatre to catch a glimpse of the Burlesque Company in residence, Twisted Knickers! Setting up early for a Halloween delight, Brassieres of Terror— A Late-Night Double-D Feature storms the stage with the haunting spectacle of Burlesque in the vain of spooky with a seductive twist.

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Horatio Dark’s Between The Lines at Yellow Sign Theatre

Good evening, Baltimore. It’s time to dim the lights, settle into your radio, and steel your nerves as Horatio Dark, the master of the macabre, the navigator of the netherworld, the antiquarian of the insane takes you on an aural adventure to the realm of the frightening and the bizarre. Brought to you through the hosting vessel of The Yellow Sign Theatre Company, Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines live radio broadcast is here for your entertainment pleasure.

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The Business End of The Business End: An Interview with Director Jeffrey L. Gangwisch

When it comes to underground theatre in Baltimore City, Yellow Sign Theatre Company corners the market on the notion of the undiscovered, unheard of, and unseen. Nestled into a store-front found space attached to Club Charles up on Charles Street near Station North, the company has been in existence for four years now, producing theatre and film that pays tribute to the “low-brow arts” and teaches lessons about the existence of pop-culture before Madonna.

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