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Review: Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz at Yellow Sign Theatre

They’re zany in the brainy, and totally insaney! They’re the— well— the alien abductees of Area51 that Agent Coletta doesn’t want you to know about! That’s right, folks, Baltimore’s Artscape 2016 has been invaded— by aliens! Or at least— Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas have been invaded by aliens— or maybe not— it’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey— and now have permanent alien technology vibrating inside of them! Produced by Yellow Sign Theatre at this year’s space-themed Artscape,

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Space: Magic’s Final Fronteir- Lucas & Liz Make Magic in the Milky Way

Space. The final frontier. Boldly going where no man has gone before. That was before Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas got abducted by aliens, returned to Area51 impregnated with alien technology, and dropped upside their heads in the throng of Baltimore’s Artscape 2016. In a brand spanking new magical show called Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz, L. G. Gerace Most Marvelous and his new magical assistant, Liz Christmas, will take on the terrestrial-extraneous,

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A Night of Intimate Conjuring with L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous at Hotel RL

Do you dare be mystified by the marvels of modern magic? A little sleight of hand…a little creative conjuring? Feast your eyes upon City Paper’s Best Late-Night Entertainer of 2015 as L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous lights up The Living Stage Experience at Hotel RL for the third time since the project began. Appearing as a frequent performer at Hotel RL and in residence as the house magician for the Yellow Sign Theatre and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society,

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Review: Minotaur at Annex Theatre

Seek summer south. Seek winter north. Seek autumn west. Seek spring east. Seek Minotaur at Annex Theater. Playing heavily into their season of Wondrous Strange, discovering identity through amazing adventure and twisted paths, this original stage work written and Directed by company member Douglas Johnson, this fully immersive experience follows down the darkened path of sensory-overload that the last few shows of the season have meandered. Powerfully evocative in its ability to disorient the senses through play of the aesthetic,

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Review: From A Black Egg at Yellow Sign Theatre

Rebelling against the self-satisfaction of our civilization, at the crossroads where film and theatre intersect, a world premier work has settled itself into The Yellow Sign Theatre for the Halloween season. Written and Directed by Aaron Travis, From a Black Egg is an edgy new approach to the way theatre is experienced. Settling into the notion of German Expressionism and silent films, the work— in true Yellow Sign Theatre fashion— does not show you a mere silent film work adapted to the stage,

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