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Chicago: A Burlesque Review at Bunns of Steele

Start the car, I know a whoopee spot where the leather is cold and the dancers are hot! It’s just a leather bar where these burlesquers are— and all— THAT jaaaaaazzzzz…..hatcha! Whoopee! Skadoo…and all that jazz! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Bunns of Steele is bringing you the finest burlesquers in Baltimore as they come together to present that sinfully stellar musical Chicago. Directed by Tommy Gunn and Produced by Bunny Vicious with Choreography by Tapitha Kix,

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Rocky Horror Burlesque & Dinner Shadowcast at Bunns of Steele Burlesque

How’d you do, I—

See you’ve met my— faithful area Burlesque Troupe, Bunns of Steele.

And they’re just a—

Little hyped up because

It’s that time of year when

Everyone starts to squeal!

Don’t get strung out! You’ve got your chance

To see a thrilling thing, but it won’t last!

So get your—

Tickets quick!

And enjoy the show—

The Rocky Horror Burlesque Dinner &

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Res-Erection: Twisted Knickers does Easter Burlesque

And in their third year— they rose again! Twisted Knickers Burlesque came back to town in time for some Easter Services this past holiday weekend. This marks their third annual Easter-themed burlesque show: Res-Erection. Returning to Church & Company just off the Avenue in Hampden, troupe producer Tapitha Kix and the girls of the Easter show had services hopping all the way down the bunny trail! With Deacon Hot Todd Lincoln at the hosting helm,

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Twisted Knickers Does Burlesque Brunch with Tongue In Cheek

Hey, Mister Pinstripe Suit! Are you ready to kick up your fee, sit back and relax over a scintillating brunch extravaganza? Twisted Knickers Burlesque has just the set for you if you’re looking for a swanky way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning out on the town while taking in some high-class performance art. Appearing with Baltimore’s very own tin-pan alley style band, Tongue In Cheek, at Germano’s Piattini the saucy styles of Twisted Knickers Burlesque will razzle you,

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Poultry in Motion: A Burlesque Most Fowl

Cluckin’ A! It’s that time of year when the feathers are flying, the dancers are free-range, and the most happening show in town hit Hampden with wings a flappin’ as Twisted Knickers Burlesque ruled the roost with their one-night feathery extravaganza: Poultry in Motion: A Burlesque Most Fowl! Produced by troupe leader Tapitha Kix and featuring the return of two of the original founding members of TKB, there was a feather for everyone’s cap!

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The Bard & The Beautiful by Twisted Knickers Burlesque at Yellow Sign Theatre

What soft through yonder window breaks? It is Burlesque! And Twisted Knickers is the sun! A strip! A tease! Their kingdom for a strip-tease! The Bard & The Beautiful brought some of Shakespeare’s finest work as it was meant to be experienced— by the groundlings with a true appreciation for beauty of all varieties— to the stage of Yellow Sign Theatre. And although tis no longer midsummer, what was witnessed was beyond the audience’s wildest dreams!

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Heavenly Bodies by Twisted Knickers Burlesque at Yellow Sign Theatre

Space: The Final Frontier. It is time to buckle in, hold onto your tentacles, and boldly go where no man has dared to go at Artscape 2016: aboard Starship Yellow Sign and into the vastly unexplored celestial spaces that is Burlesque Performance. Returning to their home planet of Yellow Sign Theatre, Twisted Knickers Burlesque arrived on the spacy scene with Heavenly Bodies, a show beyond the wildest imagination of even the most interplanetary dreamers!

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An Evening in Hampden: Twisted Knickers Burlesque Goes to the Prom

Spring is in the air and that can only mean one possible thing: it’s time for a sassy, classy evening affair with Twisted Knickers Burlesque! And what better way to celebrate the season than a Saturday night spent at Church & Company for An Evening in Hampden: Twisted Knickers Burlesque Goes to the Prom? Featuring the troupe’s managing producer, Tapitha Kix, as well as five fantastic other area burlesque performers, and a very special Vice Principal Lincoln emceeing the event,

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Rise Up! It’s Res-Erection Time at Twisted Knickers Burlesque

Can I get an amen? AMEN! I said— I said— can I get an Amen? AMEN!!! It’s time to be raising the praises over at Church & Company as Twisted Knickers Burlesque proudly presents their bawdylicious Easter show, Res-Erection. Sharing the same name as last year’s Easter event, Producer Tapitha Kix and the girls of Twisted Knickers Burlesque are settling into their new space quite nicely. Partnering with Church & Company, the burly girls bring an extra authentic feel to their “church-themed” evening of burlesque by presenting the performance inside an actual church!

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Love Stinks! A Twisted Knickers Burlesque Show at Church & Company

Fed up with that ooey-gooey Hallmark holiday? J. Geils Band hit the nail on the head with their 1980 album Love Stinks and the Twisted Knickers Burlesque troupe of Baltimore is taking it a step further by putting that notion into practice this Valentine’s Day season. It was a splendid evening for everyone who has ever felt the lows of love, the blues of being involved, or the general sentiment of suckage when it comes to the all-too-romantic month of February.

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Ho-Ho-Ho: Twisted Knickers Burlesque is Twisting up Calendar Girls for the Holidays

He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice! He’s going to find out who’s been naughty— and who’s been extra naughty this time of year! You might be thinking that’s the jolly old fat man himself, Mr. Kris Kringle, Mr. Santa Claus, but you’d be dead wrong, fellow theatergoers. This time of year the naughty and nice list has fallen into the hands of Twisted Knickers Burlesque troupe Emcee Hot Todd Lincoln!

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Brassieres of Terror- Late Night Double-D Feature at Yellow Sign Theatre

In the dead of night, when the moon is high, and ill winds blow…that’s when you should be slinking over to the Yellow Sign Theatre to catch a glimpse of the Burlesque Company in residence, Twisted Knickers! Setting up early for a Halloween delight, Brassieres of Terror— A Late-Night Double-D Feature storms the stage with the haunting spectacle of Burlesque in the vain of spooky with a seductive twist.

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