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Poultry in Motion: A Burlesque Most Fowl

Cluckin’ A! It’s that time of year when the feathers are flying, the dancers are free-range, and the most happening show in town hit Hampden with wings a flappin’ as Twisted Knickers Burlesque ruled the roost with their one-night feathery extravaganza: Poultry in Motion: A Burlesque Most Fowl! Produced by troupe leader Tapitha Kix and featuring the return of two of the original founding members of TKB, there was a feather for everyone’s cap!

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Rise Up! It’s Res-Erection Time at Twisted Knickers Burlesque

Can I get an amen? AMEN! I said— I said— can I get an Amen? AMEN!!! It’s time to be raising the praises over at Church & Company as Twisted Knickers Burlesque proudly presents their bawdylicious Easter show, Res-Erection. Sharing the same name as last year’s Easter event, Producer Tapitha Kix and the girls of Twisted Knickers Burlesque are settling into their new space quite nicely. Partnering with Church & Company, the burly girls bring an extra authentic feel to their “church-themed” evening of burlesque by presenting the performance inside an actual church!

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Brassieres of Terror- Late Night Double-D Feature at Yellow Sign Theatre

In the dead of night, when the moon is high, and ill winds blow…that’s when you should be slinking over to the Yellow Sign Theatre to catch a glimpse of the Burlesque Company in residence, Twisted Knickers! Setting up early for a Halloween delight, Brassieres of Terror— A Late-Night Double-D Feature storms the stage with the haunting spectacle of Burlesque in the vain of spooky with a seductive twist.

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