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Review: Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz at Yellow Sign Theatre

They’re zany in the brainy, and totally insaney! They’re the— well— the alien abductees of Area51 that Agent Coletta doesn’t want you to know about! That’s right, folks, Baltimore’s Artscape 2016 has been invaded— by aliens! Or at least— Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas have been invaded by aliens— or maybe not— it’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey— and now have permanent alien technology vibrating inside of them! Produced by Yellow Sign Theatre at this year’s space-themed Artscape,

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Space: Magic’s Final Fronteir- Lucas & Liz Make Magic in the Milky Way

Space. The final frontier. Boldly going where no man has gone before. That was before Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas got abducted by aliens, returned to Area51 impregnated with alien technology, and dropped upside their heads in the throng of Baltimore’s Artscape 2016. In a brand spanking new magical show called Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz, L. G. Gerace Most Marvelous and his new magical assistant, Liz Christmas, will take on the terrestrial-extraneous,

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Horatio Dark’s Between The Sheets: Special June Edition

Hey there, Charm City. Are you ready for a night of naughty entertainment? Then just pick up the phone and dial the party line. That’s right, it’s back. Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines has taken that naughty delve once more and plundered its way Between the Sheets! Just four months after the initial Between the Sheets broadcast, which was a Valentine’s Day special event, the antiquarian of the insane,

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Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines March Broadcast at The Yellow Sign Theatre

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled Thursday evening programing to bring you the March installment of Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines. Brought to you by Truth Dollars, the only way to fight communism behind the iron fence, this week’s monthly broadcast has temporarily relocated from its regularly scheduled Monday night time slot to a terrifying Thursday evening. Just what has old Horatio concocted in his lab that has the show traveling about through the nights of the week?

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