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Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines: November Broadcast at The Windup Space

November brings daylight savings time, which means it’s time to dim the lights an hour early! It’s 8:00 o’clock on the last Monday of the month, and if you know what’s good for you, you’re anxiously awaiting the master of the macabre, the antiquarian of the insane, Horatio Dark himself as he reads between the lines of reality for the monthly installment of his radio broadcast! Appearing now at W-IND, tune the dial, turn up the volume,

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Halloween Hijinks: An interview with War of the Worlds Directors Craig Coletta and Dave Marcoot

With infinite complacency, men go to and fro over this globe about their little affairs— but on November 5, 2016 at exactly 8:00pm, the world as we know it will cease to exist. The aliens have landed (though that may have actually been some five years ago when Yellow Sign Theatre took up residence in the old Zodiac Restaurant…theatre company started on a dare? A likely story…) and they’re recreating a science fiction thriller with their pending production of Orson Welles infamous radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.

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Junius Brutus Booth (L- Scott Burke) as Richard III on the battlefield with Flynn (R- Alex Hacker) informing him of news of Richmond in "His Majestic Lump of Foul Deformity"

Review: His Majestic Lump of Foul Deformity at Analog Players

Frame your face for all occasions! What is more miserable than discontent? For now is the winter of our discontent, though it be but the first day of autumn, and Analog Players will trade its kingdom for your horse if your horse be but, in fact, a butt in a seat inside the Yellow Sign Theatre as you attend His Majestic Lump of Foul Deformity. Written and Directed by Alex Hacker,

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Scott Burke (left) as Junius Brutus Booth and Alex Hacker (right) as Flynn

Their Kingdom for an Interview: Talking Richard III with Playwright Alex Hacker and Actor Scott Burke

Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on Alex Hacker. The Baltimore-based playwright and actor has is preparing for the world premiere of his newest work, His Majestic Lump of Foul Deformity, debuting with his company The Analogue Players later this month. But the play itself was an accidental response when Hacker hit a creative roadblock to a different work (one still in progress) that at present remains unfinished. In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview,

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Review: Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines- May Broadcast at Yellow Sign Theatre

Good evening, Charm City! After a month’s brief pause, the Master of the Macabre, the Navigator of the Netherworld, the Antiquarian of the Insane as returned to WYST (taking up residence at the old Yellow Sign Theatre on Charles Street in Station North) to bewitch your ears for the evening. Yes, oh yes, it’s the May Broadcast edition of Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines! Featuring four new radio plays to entreat the ear (and should you be lucky enough to attend in person— ensnare the eye),

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Cans N Drafts Presents: Short Play Series at The E.M.P. Collective

With everything that’s mass producing itself on the theatre scene these days it’s an exciting and refreshing change of pace to see brand new works being workshopped in full as a creative indulgent experience! The E.M.P. Collective has exactly that happening with their current theatrical engagement, Cans N Drafts Presents: Short Play Series. Featuring eight brand new works that just six weeks ago didn’t exist, this showcase of Baltimore-based playwrights is pushing the envelope in a new direction.

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Review: Minotaur at Annex Theatre

Seek summer south. Seek winter north. Seek autumn west. Seek spring east. Seek Minotaur at Annex Theater. Playing heavily into their season of Wondrous Strange, discovering identity through amazing adventure and twisted paths, this original stage work written and Directed by company member Douglas Johnson, this fully immersive experience follows down the darkened path of sensory-overload that the last few shows of the season have meandered. Powerfully evocative in its ability to disorient the senses through play of the aesthetic,

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Review: AntiKlaus at E.M.P. Collective

You better watch out! You better not cry! You better not pout! I’m telling you why! AntiKlaus is coming to town! Well, it’s not coming to town so much as it is returning to town. Taking up holiday residence with the E.M.P. Collective for a four-night festival engagement, AntiKlaus, as written by Alex Hacker, puts the slay in sleigh ride this Christmas season. Directed by Sarah Jacklin,

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Craig Coletta, Artistic Director and Founder of Yellow Sign Theatre

Art Doesn’t Have to be Arty: An Interview with Craig Coletta on his Hotel RL Living Stage Presentation

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! You think you understand art and culture? You’re about to discover that art and culture as you know it may in fact be older than you are. In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview to promote his upcoming TED-style conference talk appearing at the Hotel RL Baltimore— as a part of Hotel RL’s on-going The Living Stage Experience project— Yellow Sign Theatre’s Founder and Artistic Director Craig Coletta sits down to explain his approach to theatre in the arts.

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Review: Impassioned Embraces at Annex Theatre

Sex and death, love and hate, passion, these are all things that consume our lives, that become our lives should we choose to embrace them. Annex Theatre is indeed embracing all that comes with the appropriately titled Impassioned Embraces, a play by John Pielmeier this winter season. Taking a jaunt down a different path— in a vein almost more suitable for Valentine’s day than the forthcoming Christmas celebration— this evocative and simultaneously hilarious piece of theatrical brilliance will engage audiences from all walks of life and provide nearly three hours of uproarious entertainment that both exposes the mind to humor and danger while tugging the heartstrings in a plethora of new directions.

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Review: From A Black Egg at Yellow Sign Theatre

Rebelling against the self-satisfaction of our civilization, at the crossroads where film and theatre intersect, a world premier work has settled itself into The Yellow Sign Theatre for the Halloween season. Written and Directed by Aaron Travis, From a Black Egg is an edgy new approach to the way theatre is experienced. Settling into the notion of German Expressionism and silent films, the work— in true Yellow Sign Theatre fashion— does not show you a mere silent film work adapted to the stage,

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Review: Bucket of Blood at The Yellow Sign Theatre

Life is an obscure hobo bumming a ride on the omnibus of art. But what makes art? And who determines what is art? The artist makes the art and the critics determine if it is actually art or not; or so I’m told. The Yellow Sign Theatre is making art of a bold and bloody variety. In this darkly unsettling, albeit humorous, stage adaptation of Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood,

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