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Review: The Lord of the Flies at Annex Theater

Welcome to The Plum Island Infectious Disease Center. In a productive partnership with The Baltimore Annex Theater, resident members of the Plum Island Infectious Disease Center would like to present you with an esteemed press badge, which you will require in order to access the Biosafety Level Four areas of the facility, as an admittance pass to an exclusive three-hour tour. You’ll know what to do when it’s time to do it. Be sure to keep all hands,

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Cans N Drafts Presents: Short Play Series at The E.M.P. Collective

With everything that’s mass producing itself on the theatre scene these days it’s an exciting and refreshing change of pace to see brand new works being workshopped in full as a creative indulgent experience! The E.M.P. Collective has exactly that happening with their current theatrical engagement, Cans N Drafts Presents: Short Play Series. Featuring eight brand new works that just six weeks ago didn’t exist, this showcase of Baltimore-based playwrights is pushing the envelope in a new direction.

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Review: Flatland at Annex Theatre

Stop trying to recognize. Start learning to dream. For irregularity is more beautiful than symmetry could ever be. Lost in the dimensional reality of the above statement? Hold onto your depth perception, kids, the ride over at Annex Theater is about to warp into hyperspace beyond the capacity of mere mortal minds. Transcending the borders of the dimensional continuum from dimensions D to 10thD, The Annex Theater of Baltimore is going to blow your mind,

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