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Space: Magic’s Final Fronteir- Lucas & Liz Make Magic in the Milky Way

Space. The final frontier. Boldly going where no man has gone before. That was before Lucas Gerace and Liz Christmas got abducted by aliens, returned to Area51 impregnated with alien technology, and dropped upside their heads in the throng of Baltimore’s Artscape 2016. In a brand spanking new magical show called Spaced Out Magic with Lucas & Liz, L. G. Gerace Most Marvelous and his new magical assistant, Liz Christmas, will take on the terrestrial-extraneous,

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A Night of Intimate Conjuring with L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous at Hotel RL

Do you dare be mystified by the marvels of modern magic? A little sleight of hand…a little creative conjuring? Feast your eyes upon City Paper’s Best Late-Night Entertainer of 2015 as L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous lights up The Living Stage Experience at Hotel RL for the third time since the project began. Appearing as a frequent performer at Hotel RL and in residence as the house magician for the Yellow Sign Theatre and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society,

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Craig Coletta, Artistic Director and Founder of Yellow Sign Theatre

Art Doesn’t Have to be Arty: An Interview with Craig Coletta on his Hotel RL Living Stage Presentation

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! You think you understand art and culture? You’re about to discover that art and culture as you know it may in fact be older than you are. In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview to promote his upcoming TED-style conference talk appearing at the Hotel RL Baltimore— as a part of Hotel RL’s on-going The Living Stage Experience project— Yellow Sign Theatre’s Founder and Artistic Director Craig Coletta sits down to explain his approach to theatre in the arts.

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Smirk & Mirrors at Club Charles

The deviously delicious and dark world of edgier entertainment never stops flowing from out the doors of the Yellow Sign Theatre. In fact there is so much of an overflow that it has slithered its way into Club Charles, the trendy Station North Night Club right next door. YST’s Magician in Residence, L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous— who is also the known magician in residence with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) sets up shop every Wednesday evening in a private little alcove in the corner of the club and invites club patrons in to witness his intriguing little show,

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