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Little Shop of Horrors at Purple Light Theatre Company

You better— tellin’ you, you better— tell your mama! Something’s gonna get her! You better— everybody better— be aware! Something’s gonna get ya! Look out. Look Out! LOOKOUT! It’s Little Shop of Horrors! At Purple Light! Purple Light Theatre Company! Don’t wait— dates are gonna pass you— right by— don’t let this show pass you— right by! It’s Little Shop of Horrors— it’s one-weekend-o-o-only-y-y! You won’t want to m-i-ii-s-s-s it!

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Look Out. Look Out! LOOK OUT! Little Shop of Horrors Invades Purple Light Theatre Company

On the 16th day

Of the month of August

In an early year of a decade

Not too long before our own

The Baltimore Theatre Scene

Suddenly encountered

A vivacious resurgence

To its very existence!

And this nearly-forgotten company surfaced

As such companies often do

With the seemingly most innocent

And unlikely of productions…


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Review: Oy Vey in a Manger at Theater J

It’s the holiday season— with a whoop-de-do, and dickory dock, and four heartfelt holiday bitches that only Santa could bring to Washington DC this time of year! Unlike Frosty the Snowman, who returns every year during the holiday season, The Kinsey Sicks haven’t been through the Nation’s Capital since 2011, the last time the graced the stages of Theater J. Blaspheming their fabulous Christmas carols of catastrophe and heralding the holiday-hoorayness from hell, this hysterical huntys are here to cram that joy of the season right up your holly-jolly happy place!

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