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Together Again For The First Time: An Interview with David James and Jeffrey Shankle on Toby’s Young Frankenstein

Like Laurel and Hardy, like Coke and Bacardi, like Romeo and Juliet, ebb and flow, to and fro! Together again for the first time! They’ve only met in a— wait— when did they meet? Two of Washington DC’s most seasoned musical theatre actors, Helen Hayes-nominated and winning performers Jeffrey Shankle and David James are together again for perhaps the millionth time on the stage, but in a rare setup where they’re playing leading opposites! In a TheatreBloom exclusive interview,

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Young Frankenstein at Toby’s Dinner Theatre

If you’re blue— and don’t know where to go— why don’t you go where theatre’s fine?

See Young Frankenstein!

Different songs to really please the ear— dancing feet to watch and you’ll cheer— it’s sublime!

See Young Frankenstein!

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper! Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper— it’s SUPERDUPER!

You won’t get to see a better show— and Columbia is the place to go— take their word and mine!

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Look Out. Look Out! LOOK OUT! Little Shop of Horrors Invades Purple Light Theatre Company

On the 16th day

Of the month of August

In an early year of a decade

Not too long before our own

The Baltimore Theatre Scene

Suddenly encountered

A vivacious resurgence

To its very existence!

And this nearly-forgotten company surfaced

As such companies often do

With the seemingly most innocent

And unlikely of productions…


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Review: Young Frankenstein at Silhouette Stages

Have you heard about the mania? If not, then let me explain-iya, popping up in Columb-ania— yes, sir! It’s the Transylvania Mania! And it’s making its way across Silhouette Stages this October in the guise of And it’s making its way across Silhouette Stages this October in the guise of the new Mel Brooks’ musical, Young Frankenstein. Directed and Choreographed by Tommy Malek with Musical Direction by Nathan C.

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