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Not Throwing Away Their Shot: The Kennedy Center announces their 2017/2018 Theatre Season

Not throwing away their shot— no! Not throwing away their shot— whoa! The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts announced what the world of Washington DC theatergoers has been waiting to hear for months now: their official schedule for the upcoming 2017/2018 season, which of course includes the ever-coveted, infamous Broadway touring production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. Storming Broadway, the nation, and the world with its wonders, the incomparable musical sensation of the 2010’s will be making an extended 14-week stay in the Opera House theatre during the summer of 2018—  all but concluding the 2017/2018 theatre season for The Kennedy Center.

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The 32nd Annual Helen Hayes Awards 2016

“The theatre community here <Washington DC> is something other cities can only dream of.” An earnest and rewarding quote pulled directly from the lips of David Ives, this year’s recipient of “Outstanding Original Play or Musical Adaptation” at the 32nd Annual Helen Hayes Awards Ceremony. Just one of 236 nominees being celebrated over the course of the evening, Ives’ statement captured the tone of the evening early on with the aforementioned quote given during his award acceptance speech.

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Review: Witches Vanish at Venus Theatre

Fair is foul and foul is fair when tragedy runs through the air. How long can a blind-eye be turned to the everyday tragedies of woman that vanish? From Juarez, Mexico to right here in the United States, women are vanishing all the time— be it physically or erased from their identities of religion and culture by oppression— it has become a cultural phenomenon that is all too often not addressed. In an evocative new work by renowned playwright Claudia Barnett,

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