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Review: Raw at Venus Theatre

Truth is not simply there for the taking. Truth requires proof. And the proof is in the pudding, well…in the milk rather, at Venus Theatre this fall season. Closing out the epic 15th season entitled Feral 15: Feminist Fables— No Strings Attached, a world premiere production of Amy Bernstein’s Raw brings sharp focus to the biting and unapologetic work achieved on the Venus stage throughout the season. Directed by company founder and Artistic Directed Deborah Randall,

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Review: Witches Vanish at Venus Theatre

Fair is foul and foul is fair when tragedy runs through the air. How long can a blind-eye be turned to the everyday tragedies of woman that vanish? From Juarez, Mexico to right here in the United States, women are vanishing all the time— be it physically or erased from their identities of religion and culture by oppression— it has become a cultural phenomenon that is all too often not addressed. In an evocative new work by renowned playwright Claudia Barnett,

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