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Trouble in Tahiti at Stillpointe Theatre

Sometimes what we long for is staring us right in the face. This could not be a truer example than in Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble In Tahiti, Directed by David Schweitzer, with Musical Direction by Benjamin Shaver, now playing at Stillpointe Theatre. 

From the moment that you enter the venue, you are captivated by Scenic/Properties Designer Ryan Haase’s transformation of an upper church room into a 1950’s “supper club”. The covered tables,

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Reflective History: An Interview with Director Susan Stroupe on Strand Theater Company’s Harry & The Thief

When the name Harriet Tubman is mentioned, to many of us— especially those of us here in Baltimore— a particular image comes to mind: a kindly older woman wrapped in her shawl, showing folks the way to freedom on the underground railroad. But the legendary woman of history was so much more than that. And what happens when a time-traveling genius plots to intercept Harriet Tubman in her heyday and load her up with enough guns to incite a revolution that will echo throughout all of time and space?

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Review: God’s Country at Strand Theatre

The Strand Theatre is alive and well in Baltimore, presenting a newly furnished work written, created, and performed by Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the poet. An hour-long explorative piece of theatre that confronts God in the modern world through the voices of eight individual characters where the ninth voice is meant to be that of the audience, Nelson’s new work brings a series of creative mediums together in one performance that is provocative and touching as well as poignant and relevant to anyone that ventures out to see it.

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