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School of Rock at The Students’ Theatre at The Highwood Theatre

Are you ready to rock the house and make a scene? Because The Students’ Theatre at The Highwood Theatre is— and they’re doing exactly that with the Maryland premiere of School of Rock. Directed by Dylan Kaufman and Kevin Kearney, this roof-roaring production takes the Paramount movie and transposes it to the stage with all you need to stick it to the man, understand rock and roll, and totally expose children of all ages to the powers of rock music.

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Avenue Q at The Highwood Theatre

Give them your money, all that you got! Fork it on over— or some puppets will get shot! And you don’t want these adorable, hand-crafted, furry little monsters and non-monsters to be obliterated before you get a chance to see them sing and dance their way into your squishy little emotional heart, do you? Give them your money, give them your money, give them your gosh-darn money!! By going to The Highwood Theatre and seeing Avenue Q!

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Review: Tick, Tick…BOOM! at The Highwood Theatre

Order. Tension. Balance. Stop the clock. Listen. Hear the tick…tick…BOOM! Venture inside Jonathan’s head as he’s about to turn the big 3-0. With nothing to show for it but promises he’s broken to his high-bar expectations, Tick, Tick…BOOM!— Jonathan Larson’s pre-Rent sensational musical— is a high-octane emotional journey that tells the story of life in SoHo in 1990 where one artist struggles to make his dreams come true on Broadway.

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Cabaret at The Highwood Theatre

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Fremde! Etranger! Stranger! For a one-weekend limited engagement of just five nearly sold-out performances, The Highwood Theatre of Silver Spring has been transformed.  Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen…The Highwood Theatre is proud to give you, and don’t forget to give it back when you’re finished with it, the 1998 revival version of Cabaret! Performed inside the tawdry yet tasteful Kit Kat Klub,

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