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Review: Circle Circle Dot Dot at BOOM Theatre Company

You want to have your cake and eat it too. Well don’t we all. But maybe you can have your cake and eat it too, at least when it comes to loving and feeling emotions for more than one person in a relationship circumstance. At least that seems to be the path of exploration occurring in the world premiere production of Ryan Nicotra’s Circle Circle Dot Dot at BOOM Theatre Company this December.

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Playing with Playwrights: An Interview with Ryan Nicotra about Circle Circle Dot Dot

Circle, circle, dot, dot— now you’ve got your cootie shot! A fond recollection for a great many of the Gen-Y kids, but what does that mean in this modern world of sexual fluidity and polyamorous relationships? Playwright Ryan Nicotra, the Founder of BOOM Theatre Company sits down to explain his new work Circle Circle Dot Dot in a TheatreBloom exclusive interview. See what Ryan has to say on polyamorous relationships and why he’s chosen theatre as his platform to broaden the experience.

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Review: Macbeth at BOOM Theatre Company

In the modern dieting trends where slimming down is all the rage even the world of the theatre could not be spared from the ravages of this new craze. Shakespeare gives us a smorgasbord of poetry and imagery; beautiful and powerful and in the new diet-approved rendition of Bard-Light: tragedies in under an hour, The BOOM Theatre Company is rendering down Macbeth to its purest essence; a powerhouse of moving and monumental scenes.

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Review: Gruesome Playground Injuries at Boom Theatre Company

Scars heal, glory fades, and all we are left with are the memories made. Boom Theatre Company is assuring that you make potent new memories of what intense emotional theatre is meant to feel like with their production of Rajiv Joseph’s Gruesome Playground Injuries. Directed by Ryan Nicotra, this two-person show is an intense look at the way traumatic injury experiences can inexplicably bind friends in emotions that dig much deeper than the surfaces of the average friendship.

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