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John Kelso as Edgar Allen Poe in Poe's Last Stanza by Ceej Crowe

Poe’s Last Stanza at Do or Die Productions

Tis the season to be inclined toward mischief and mayhem. Even if Halloween itself be over, and November freshly fallen upon us, who among us is really ready for that other holiday— the one with the elves and the singing and the snow? Settle back into the autumnal enchantments of a Baltimore classic, Poe’s Last Stanza, a yearly running and returning tradition produced by Do or Die Productions and hosted at their resident venue,

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Review: Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Dead! at Do or Die Mysteries

Hey, man! Time to get on the same wavelength with counter-culture, man! Wake up, millennials! It’s time to photobomb the picture of tomorrow with a wicked flashback from the past, man! It’s time to expand your mind, man, and do it the right way! With kitchen counter culture and a selfie, man! And Do or Die Mysteries has it all— if you’re just prepared to Tune In, Turn On…and Drop Dead! Written and Directed by Ceej Crowe,

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Review: Hamlet at Cohesion Theatre Company

The mayhem never stops over at Cohesion Theatre Company and their latest mount to the stage is truly wondrous strange. Taking William Shakespeare’s Hamlet to task, Director Alice Stanely refocuses the driving forces of the plot’s actions and tunes them into the highly potent pathos of grief. Coping with loss is never easy, and the ways in which human beings express these feelings are nothing short of evocative, stirring, and daringly dramatic as witnessed in this production.

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Jose de la Mar as Edgar Allan Poe in Poe's Last Stanza at Do or Die Productions

Review: Poe’s Last Stanza at Do or Die Mysteries

Worldly goods come and go, but exceptional theatre lasts beyond its ephemeral nature in the recesses of the mind of those that attended. Poe’s Last Stanza falls into the category of ephemeral theatrical brilliance that will linger on and be remembered by those who were fortunate enough to encounter the performance produced by Do or Die Mystery Productions. Written and Directed by C.J. Crowe, the piece is a highly immersive and interactive involvement that makes Edgar Allan Poe and all of his mysterious gloom highly accessible to everyman,

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