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Move Toward the Darkness Part 3: Meet Grandma Addams

Living…dead…and…undecided! Every member of the Addams Family clan is welcome in this creepy and kooky interview series. And Grandma Addams is definitely on the undecided line of the family fence. Why, they aren’t even sure whose mother she is! In Part 3 of the Move Toward the Darkness Interview Series, veteran of the stage David James sits down with TheatreBloom to discuss his role in The Addams Family musical at Toby’s Dinner Theatre.

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Move Toward the Darkness Part 1: Meet Addams ensemble Member Julia Lancione

When you’re an Addams you need to have a taste for death! And there is plenty to taste over at Toby’s Dinner Theatre with their regional premier of Andrew Lippa’s The Addams Family musical. In a highly comical musical that reanimates the classic comic strip characters, this brilliant production sends the message to embrace your inner darkness and enjoy the world outside the boundaries of normal. What is normal anyway? In an exclusive series entitled “Move Toward the Darkness” readers of TheatreBloom will delve into the darkness with the cast of The Addams Family and find out just what being a part of this creepy and kooky production is like!

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Every Member of the Kensington Arts Theatre Addams Family Clan: The Dead- Meet the Addams

Moving further toward the darkness in Part II of TheatreBloom’s 3-part family interview series with the Kensington Arts Theatre’s projection of The Addams Family, we meet The Addam  as only we can meet them! Representing the “dead” in the trio of “Living…dead…and undecided…” Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley all come out to play in a creepy and kooky fashion. Let’s hear what they have to say.

We’ll start off with introductions,

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