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A Good Man is Hard to Find at Feral Woman

“Ain’t a body yet that gave the undertaker a tip.” Flannery O’Connor has a deliciously twisted way with words. Why head to the box office and pay exorbitant amounts of money for a deceptively dark and twisted thrilling experience when you can slip on down to Station North in Charm City, slide into The Mercury Theatre and witness the inaugural production of a new company— Feral Woman— doing exactly the same thing without the highway robbery box office prices and the action just millimeters from your face?

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Review: The Flower Queen at Yellow Sign Theatre

Let your imagination run away with you when you hear bumps in the night…this may birth poor monsters out of sheer nothingness and they may resent you for it. Such can happen in the mythical ether of The Flower Queen, a play by Connor Kizer now appearing on stage at Yellow Sign Theatre. With just three performers— one little girl and one imagined monster plus a graceful Ballerino,

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Enter the Realm of the Flower Queen: An Interview with Allison Clendaniel and Connor Kizer

When you get into bed at night, you double-check beneath your bed to make sure there are no monsters, right? At least, you did when you were a child, didn’t you? What if there was a monster living under your bed when you were a child? And what if you made friends with that monster? Such a tale is what is unfolding at Yellow Sign Theatre in time for Halloween! A new play,

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