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Review: Darius & Twig at The Kennedy Center

One thing stood out to me as I entered the Kennedy Center Family Theater to see Darius & Twig, the Kennedy Center’s contribution to the ongoing Women’s Voices Theater Festival and an adaptation by Caleen Sinnette Jennings of Walter Dean Myers’ award-winning novel.

“One person can only do so much.”

These words, spray-painted graffiti-style across Andrew Cohen’s evocative set, immediately set the tone for the entire performance.

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Review: Queens Girl in the World at Theater J

Where do you find your place in the world? And how easy can it be to do so when you’re trying to put together the puzzle pieces of your own life while the world around you falls apart? Imagine such a conundrum. Now imagine it in 1962, as a young African-American girl growing up in Queens, and going to a private charter school in Greenwich Village, as Malcolm X is shot, President Kennedy is assassinated,

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