Seussical at St. Gabriel Miracle Players

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After all of those years being stuck on a page, did you ever imagine it up on the stage?

And what is this “it” to imagine, you ask? It’s some pretty big thinks; it’s a mighty big task!

As Christmas approaches, write to Santa, say your prayers,

Because Seussical— the musical! Is now on stage at St. Gabriel Miracle Players!

They went out of the box— and their sky turned bright pink!

Because Seussical for them is a really big think!

Why they went against typical casting, out the window they threw age

And invited all of their most talented people to jump up, imagine, and play on the stage!

With Director Deborah Carson leading the parade

And her talented assistant Molly Laska (also Stage Manager) bringing up the brigade

It’s no wonder the show was so clever, successful, and well-done,

Why, truly, their Seussical is lots and lots and lots of fun!

The pit was a bit loud, but that’s to be expected, in the open-pit seating, though quite well directed.

Conducted by Matt Elky— and not the Cat in the Hat— Though could you imagine a conductor like that?

Some dozen and a half musicians playing all through all the songs

And keeping time with the actors, not too much went wrong!

They sounded pretty good, they sounded alright!

They gave the audience music through the show all night!

SUNBRIGHT Productions led the light and sound team

So when different ‘thinks’ happened, the stage was lit up quite keen.

(The sound can’t be helped; they’re all alone. Oh Santa, please bring them some new microphones!)

And a team of Costumers helped get everyone looking their best in their respective role

Sally Kahn, Nancy Burkhardt, and Heidi Sue Toll!

The costumes were clever, they were simply unique!

We’ll leave it up to your imagination rather than listen to me speak.

Now here’s the part where St. Gabriel’s goes a bit off the charts

By including Seuss characters who all live in our hearts!

The musical definitely doesn’t include— but hey, why leave them out? That seems mighty rude!

So this production gets to thinking and in their ensemble they feature

Some rather iconic Dr. Seuss creatures.

Like Elinor Bower and Emily Wilder, who play Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Or Ann Baden as The Lorax, we must include the Lorax, even if he’s not a Who.

And keep your eyes peeled, Director Carson steps onto the stage from one of Seuss’ books

Why she’s the Fox in Sox— can you spot her? Take a look!

There’s all the characters from the musical, of course

Like Judge Yurtle the Turtle, played by Melody Connell and dear Harry the Horse!

Wait— there’s no Harry the Horse in any Doctor Seuss show!

I’m getting mixed up! Oh goodness, oh no!

What I meant to say was that there’s Max (Jack Cummiskey) and The Grinch (Katie White)

And White doubles up as the show’s Choreographer in a pinch!

The Whos— there are so many! I think I got them all— let me see if I can list them— in no order at all!

There’s Emily Wilder, Kacy Conley, Jack Cummisky— whose double duty rings true!

And the littlest of all— Carly Burd— as Cindy Loo Who.

But there’s more— Amelia Gauvey, Genevieve & Julia & Virginia Joyce!

And The Mayor of Whoville (Jana Gauvey) and his Wife (Emily Lambert) that’s all of them— rejoice!

Who else am I missing, oh goodness, a beagle? No no, that’s Charlie Brown, what I mean was an eagle!

That black feathered eagle named Vlad Vladikoff, played by Melody Connell, stole the clover, and took off!

And when it comes to making music, let’s not forget the Kangaroo

Especially the baby in the pouch, cause the role’s split in two!

At the performance I saw it was Mayah Lohrmann with her mighty “HUMPH!”

And I must say, for such a small scene, it was rather a great triumph.

There’s Liz Meuse-Cummiskey, playing the Sour Kangaroo

Listed in the program as Kanga, guess Disney owns Seuss now too.

She’s got a big voice, she’s got a loud sound

And when Meuse-Cummiskey sings out, she’ll sing the house down.

There’s droopy-droop Gertrude, Kay Lenhart, the one-feathered-tailed-bird

(Please, Santa, NEW MICS, so Miss Lenhart can be heard!)

But she’s perfectly mopey and rather a pitiful mess

But looks extra lovely with her luscious lashes and bird-inspired dress.

As I skim through the playbill, thinking on whom to praise next

I gasp out and eek, feeling totally vexed!

I’ve skipped over the General, played to hilarious effect by June Frank

Maybe it’s because the Butter Battle is so silly, so ridiculous, so rank

That I try hard to forget that it even exists!

But Frank is delightful, regardless of this!

Oh the bird girls! The bird girls! In this show there are three!

And they dance all around, singing too, and impressively!

There’s Mary Beth Bunting, Meghan Williams, and Ashley Case

And Ashley has the biggest most genuine smile on her face

Every feather they flap every song they sing, Ashley Case is their smiling leader through the whole thing!

And in sharp contrast to those feathery others…is the mean-spirited bullies— The Wickersham Brothers!

Led by Therese DeMarco, and she’s not monkeying around!

She’s the most spirited Wickersham on this side of time!

DeMarco lopes about freely and really gets into the dances

But don’t leave your clovers near her, or you’ll be taking your chances!

There’s also Emma Roeder, and Charlotte Thiessen for this show

Sometimes they double up and play others too, don’t you know.

Now I think I’m just about done, we covered the Whos, the Wickershams, The Birds, and the Clover

Oh my gosh! How could I forget— well, this is clearly not over!

Because there’s that Cat in the Hat, stepping back to the stage

Ken Berry hasn’t performed in many an age!

He gives it his best at his own natural pace, and looks the part with his white painted face.

But who could focus on a Cat in the Hat when there’s fabulousity abound with a bird such as that!

Such as which, I hear you ask, now don’t let your imagination go lazy

Clearly I’m talking about the Amazing Miss Mayzie!

Mayzie La Bird, another split role, I heard

But at this show Ana Lohrmann is belting it out

She’s singing, she’s dancing, she’s giving a shout

She’s lively and vivacious and energy abound

Why no silly little egg (or anything else) is ever going to keep her down!

Contended for best vocalist in the show

Ana Lohrmann’s Mayzie is one solid reason to go!

The other Jojo, yet another split role, and at this show, Finn Smith gives it his heart and his soul.

This kid’s gotta a voice like you never did hear

They’ll come from far away to hear his voice oh so clear.

When he sings his imagination songs, you feel in your heart nothing can go wrong.

All present and invested, Finn’s Jojo is superb

Why he even thinks up that whole Elephant Bird!

Played by Amelia Gauvey to boot and when she chirps on cue it’s just too cute.

But Jojo spends most of his time connecting

With a strangely large creature whom he’s also effecting.

Finn’s Jojo may be the smallest of the Whos

But he’ll never give cause for Horton the Elephant to sing the blues.

But sing he does, not the blues, but lullabies, and other sweet songs bringing tears to your eyes

That Jim Gross is a wonder, anything but a bore

You’d almost swear he’s been Horton before.

His eyes are expressive, his facial features animated, his voice a delight.

Jim Gross makes sure it’s a wonderful night.

It’s a community effort, all inclusive, no one’s in the dark—

McElligot’s pool even features baby shark!

So come get your tickets, don’t wait, rush, do hurry!

Because Thanksgiving sets in and we see the first flurry!

There’s real heart and soul here, in this tale of a clover

I do hope you’ll see it before it’s all over.

St. Gabriel’s Miracle Players tried very hard with this show

And they’ve succeeded in making something special, you should know.

There are so many ways in which Seussical can go wrong

And they avoid nearly all of them and put on great songs.

Come one fish or two, red fish or blue, you must see this show, you must, must, must, must!

St. Gabriel’s Miracle Players has the importance of community here in their lovely little speck of dust.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes with one intermission

Seussical plays through November 24, 2019 2019 at The Saint Gabriel Miracle Players— 6946 Dogwood Road in the Milford Mill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. Tickets can be purchased at the door, by calling Dan Conley at (410) 747-5626 or by purchasing them online.

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