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Review: 13: The Musical at Third Wall Productions

We’ve all got a little more homework to do when it comes to life. Learn not to judge, learn not to label, learn to be yourself! That’s the message that sixteen amazing young performers are preaching at Third Wall Productions and their current presentation of 13: The Musical. Directed by Kali Baklor with Musical Direction by Eliza Van Kan, this up-tempo life lesson of a musical is full of heart and teenage spirit and guaranteed to bring you back to middle school quicker than you can say “popular.”

Middle School nostalgia comes flooding back to the senses with Scenic Designer and Artist Amy Rudai and Set Designer Jordan Hollett,

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A Little More Homework: Studying the Cast of 13: The Musical at Third Wall Productions- Meet Anastasia Johns

Readers of TheatreBloom! You’re about to have an O-P-P OPPORTUNITY to find out just what is so special about Kendra from 13: The Musical that everybody wants to date her! In the 12th segment of our ongoing exclusive interview series, “A Little More Homework” we sit down with Anastasia Johns to get the details on Miss Popularity herself at Third Wall Productions.

Thanks for giving us a minute, Anastasia, if you want to introduce yourself,

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