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Latin Histsory for Morons at The National Theater

Actor/writer/one-man-force-of-nature John Leguizamo
entered the National Theatre opening night to thunderous applause, which he
immediately attempted to quell. “We can’t waste any time,” he interjected, “We
have to unteach everything you’ve learned so far, and that’s a lot of shit to
undo.” He was not wrong, in the next two hours proceeding to offer a strong
opposition to the whitewashed revisionist history we’ve all been taught in high
school. Expertly guided by Tony Taccone’s taut direction,

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Review: X’s and O’s at Centerstage

Football is one of the last places where the American dream truly still exists. Anyone from anywhere with any background, or any given Sunday; it’s all right there within America’s most treasured sporting event. A cultural phenomenon that unites a nation in wartime and in crisis that gives us common ground to stand on. This illustrious tradition creates a sense of pride and belonging in the heart. But what about the sensations and feelings it creates in the brain?

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