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Review: Stupid Ghost at Annex Theater

The broad specter-spectrum when it comes to ghosts is limited to the dichotomy of baddies and goodies. There are the spook-you-till-you-scream, chain-rattling, malevolent haunts that will get you. And there are the friendly kind— the happy haunts who materialize for a midnight spree with the vocalizing and harmonizing and socializing. But what if neither of those categories were true? What if ghosts just were? They exist; they drift clueless in the woods while listening to music and have no intention of helping or hurting you.

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Review: The Lord of the Flies at Annex Theater

Welcome to The Plum Island Infectious Disease Center. In a productive partnership with The Baltimore Annex Theater, resident members of the Plum Island Infectious Disease Center would like to present you with an esteemed press badge, which you will require in order to access the Biosafety Level Four areas of the facility, as an admittance pass to an exclusive three-hour tour. You’ll know what to do when it’s time to do it. Be sure to keep all hands,

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