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Review: Freaky Friday at Signature Theatre

So you’re never going to believe me— but I guess you will if you go and see it for yourself— but there’s a crazy world premiere musical happening in the Max at Signature Theatre this fall! Debuting—  after previous incarnations as a novel and two major motion pictures (about 25 years apart)— as a stage musical, Freaky Friday lands in the Max with a propulsive rock sound, a textbook Disney outline, and a sensational story that you just have to see to believe.

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Review: Another Way Home at Theater J

The most tender thing in the world is the love of a parent for a child.

The most mortifying thing in the world is a parent loving a teenager.

Another Way Home, by Anna Ziegler, explores this complex, combative time in everybody’s life from the point of view of the parents. Phillip and Lillian (Rick Foucheux and Naomi Jacobson) have come from Manhattan to Maine to visit their son Joseph (Chris Stinson).

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Review: The Mystery of Love and Sex at Signature Theatre

If you want to know the truth you need to ask the right questions. Is there an evocative and sharply penned new work by Bathsheba Doran now appearing in the Max Theatre at Signature Theatre this spring? Yes. And it’s called The Mystery of Love & Sex. Directed by Stella Powell-Jones, this epigrammatic instance of entertainment tugs at the heartstrings when it comes to the ever-changing dynamic of relationships be they between friends,

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Review: Yentl at Theater J

Mysteries of appearances. Deceptions of the heart. Androgynies of the soul. These are no longer dated topics held applicable to only women of the Jewish faith. As Theater J opens its 18th season with an invigorating and refreshing new production of Yentl, theatergoers are compelled to reflect upon the change for everyone that this particular show inspires. Directed by Shirley Serotsky with Musical Direction by Jonathan Tuzman, this strikingly beautiful tale is a remarkable work,

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