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Review: Phoebe in Winter at Single Carrot Theatre

Things must be allowed to occur in their own natural time. In keeping true to that sentiment, the Season 9 opening show at Single Carrot Theatre, a part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, moves along in not only its own natural time but its own natural world. A world of chaos and war beyond that of a global perspective, deep in our hearts and homes, Phoebe in Winter brings an evocative examination of the roles we play in our lives,

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Review: Interlock at Vagabond Players

Cinderella’s prince will wake up with soot on his face. Betrayal. Misery. Suspense. The unexpected and yet just desserts served with delicious vindication. An evening at the theatre never brought about such intrigue until The Vagabond Players dusted off a lesser-known Ira Levin work; Interlock. Not the edge-of-your-seat mystery thrillers the playwright often gets recognized for, this classic work simmers with sophistication under the skilled Direction of Roy Hammond.

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