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.dØt:: a RotoPlastic Ballet at Pointless Theatre Company

The system only works if the system comes first.

The system only works if— errør— :://cødΞ does not c-c-compute. There is a GLITCH in the system.

It’s just a glitch. Ignore it. Move on.

It’s just a— .dØt, after all.

The statistical possibility of one little— .dØt— becoming the downfall of the system— why that’s impossible. Isn’t it? Pointless Theatre Company astonishes and amazes with their newest production:  .dØt:: a RotoPlastic Ballet.

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Ritija Gupta, writer and performer of "Charming the Destroyer: Questionable Choices in Search of the Sublime"

Review: Charming the Destroyer: Questionable Choices in the Search for the Sublime at Mead Theatre Lab

In a world where brunch heals most wounds and Shiva is the fast-acting delivery pray-to God when it comes to finding one’s soulmate, there are most definitely stories to be told. Stories of identity, stories of the struggles when it comes to pursuing one’s identity, stories of experience; these are experiences not our own and yet we can relate to them on a simply human level because they are stories that answer questions that at one time or another in our lives we have all asked ourselves,

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