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King John at Folger Theatre

The real King John of England has a murky reputation. We know him for the Magna Carta. We know him as a villain from the tales of Robin Hood. And, at a stretch, we know him as Shakespeare’s earliest monarch, chronologically. Folger Theatre capitalizes on a chance to tell the rarely-told tale of this questionable king in its current production of Shakespeare’s King John, directed by Aaron Posner.

As the Folger describes,

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A Little Night Music at Signature Theatre

Purchase your tickets, la la la! Queue up at the entrance, la la la! Unfold your program, la la la! Hi-ho the glamorous life! It’s so much more than a weekend in the country if you’re venturing to Signature Theatre’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music. Opening the 2017/2018 with this simplistically elegant classic, Director Eric Schaeffer sets the 28th season in motion with a glorious performance of smiling nighttimes and sensual characters entangling themselves around and through one another all whilst dripped and draped in one of Sondheim’s convoluted albeit romantic,

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Review: Blackberry Winter at Forum Theatre

There is something to be said for comforting fictions. While they may not be the most elucidating tales they provide a certain umbrage from the harshness of reality that accompanies terminal illness. In an evocative rolling world premiere presented in association with the National New Play Network, Forum Theatre closes out its 12th season with Steve Yockey’s Blackberry Winter. Directed by Michael Dove, this stunning 90-minute tale awash in profoundly polarizing emotions sparks a compelling conversation of perceived realities,

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