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Review: A Tuna Christmas at Parlor Room Theater

Well the Parlor Room Theater is at it again, they are, they are. They’re here for the holidays and putting on a production of A Tuna Christmas. It’s time to travel back to your Podunk backwoods town of Tuna, Texas for a holiday celebration that’ll light a firecracker under your funny bone in this festive season. A true family production Directed by Frank DiSalvo Jr. staring Dillon and Thomas DiSalvo in over 20 different character roles,

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Review: Parlor Room Theatre

There is nothing like the logic of an illogical mind. The witty resplendence that is the hallmark of Neil Simon is resonating through Parlor Room Theatre’s current production of Fools. Directed by Frank DiSalvo Jr., this double-whammy of a whip-smart comedy packs the punch-lines from start to finish, catering to a vast array stylistic humors. An amusing production that infuses love with wit and idiots with brains, this show is a great light-hearted evening of entertainment to enjoy this summer.

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Review- A Christmas Carol 1933: A Live Radio Play at Parlor Room Theater

The true power of theatre is to touch people’s lives and make them think, even just for a little while, a little less about their troubles. This time of year when people so keenly feel the troubles that surround them, Parlor Room Theater is working their power and their magic through a well-known Christmas story allowing audiences everywhere to feel the spirit of Christmas and forget about their troubles and their strife while indulging in a new adaptation of Dickens’ holiday classic.

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