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Unlucky Soldiers at Theatrical Mining Company

War does horrific things to people. A reality that our country is still struggling to come to grips with; we send young boys off to fight battles, to lose their humanity when they kill other human beings. They return home with PTSD, survivor’s guilt, strung-out and self-medicating, often taking their own lives. Robert Garcia’s Unlucky Soldiers is an semi-autobiographical experience of returning home from the Vietnam War and the war within himself that rages on long past the combat “in the Nam” has ceased.

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The Secret Garden at Memorial Players

Ayup! Hullo there, Bawlmer! Ayup! There’s a secret waitin’ fer ya o’er in Bolton Hill, but ya need th’ key ta get in. Jus’ remember, when a thing is wick it has a will to grow— and grow is what Memorial Players is doing with their current production of The Secret Garden. Directed by Bill Kamberger with Musical Direction by Gregory Merle Satorie-Robinson and Musical Conduction by Tim Viets, this astonishing musical masterpiece is a Charm City lullaby that will enchant you off to dreamland before you can say,

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Review: Time Stands Still at Fells Point Corner Theatre

Can something be cathartic and desensitizing at the same time? In order to achieve catharsis then you must feel something but if you’re desensitized then you’re numb. Such a phenomenon is possible, as proven in the climactic and harrowing drama Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies now appearing on the Main Stage of the Fells Point Corner Theatre. Directed by Barry Feinstein, this shattering theatrical experience is a memorable masterpiece that shakes the fibers of your core beliefs,

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