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Review: Planchette

When the dead speak, they might be talking to you. The mystifying and spookily intriguing tagline for a new experiential theatrical installment that has crept its way into the shadowy nightlife of Charm City just in time for the haunting season. Debuting at the historic Carroll Mansion over near Harbor East, Planchette appears for a limited run engagement to conduct an engagement with spirits from the beyond. Directed by Deirdre McAllister, the new piece was a collaborative conception between area playwright Annelise Montone and local performance artist and magician Brian M.

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Inside the Occult: An Interview with Brian M. Kehoe and Annelise Montone on Planchette

It’s only a game— isn’t it? The only toy of one’s childhood that was often not allowed inside the house; The Ouija Board. It’s mysterious ability to commune with the dead has kept children up all night at sleepovers and Halloween parties. Few people know that like The Star-Spangled Banner, the Ouija Board finds its roots in Baltimore. Local magician Brian M. Kehoe in collaboration with area playwright Annelise Montone are working together for a new experiential theatre production that brings audience participation to the next level.

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Review: The Sorrow Message at Dreams and Nightmares Aerial Theatre

There is a blurry shadow that exists between this world and the next. Dreams and Nightmares Aerial Theatre lives up to their company’s namesake as they explore this veil of death and humanity with a dark and cautionary, but exquisitely beautiful fairytale. Crafted from a dream, Baltimore writer Annelise Montone brings language to the sleepy vision of the company’s Artistic Director Kel Millionie. Directed by Millionie, this phantasmagorical performance blends the lines of dreams and nightmares to create a unique and emotionally evocative experience that plagues the mind with curious questions.

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