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Mr. Wolf at Single Carrot Theatre

Is the universe actually infinite? Or is infinite a generic designation
we apply to whatever it is that we don’t understand? Ponderous thoughts, deeply
vexing, and entirely not my own. They spring from the pen-eternal of playwright
Rajiv Joseph in his work Mr. Wolf, now an immersive theatrical
experience with Single Carrot Theatre. Directed by Genevieve de Mahy and Lauren
Erica Jackson, Mr. Wolf is taking on an infinite life of its own inside
The Rectory of St.

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Sojourners at The Strand Theatre

I first became involved with
theatre in 1982. So, you can imagine that in 37 years I have seen and
experienced quit a few things in the theatrical world; and then came Sojourners. Sojourners is a play written by first generation Nigerian-American
playwright Mfoniso Udofia. It is currently showing at The Strand Theatre and is
directed by Cheryl J. Williams. It is well written, has a powerfully amazing

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Constellations & Crossroads at Arena Players & Baltimore Rock Opera Society

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