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Review: Doctor Caligari at Pointless Theatre

Ladies and Gentlemen! Step Right up! Witness the marvelous morose, the wondrous strange, the nightmares that inspire ephemeral fantasticality! Pointless Theatre presents an honest theatrical masterpiece with their production of Doctor Caligari, a devised theatrical ensemble extravaganza that entrances the mind, stimulates the senses, and shakes the core of reality in a surreal and fascinating fashion. Directed by Matt Reckeweg, this homage to the 1920 German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr.

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Review: The T Party at Forum Theatre

Labels are for soup cans! Join the party— The T Party— at Forum Theatre this January for their exciting remount of the world premier of their gender-driven conversation starter The T Party. Having absolutely nothing to do with the political party— as the show was being conceptualized and work-shopped before the party was formed— this provocative, evocative conversational piece of theatrical work is a compelling and connective cabaret of gender-binary defying stories,

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