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The Sea Voyage at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

It begins with a storm, a shipwreck, the rag tag crew find refuge on the shores of a strange island…sound familiar? Don’t be fooled, The Sea Voyage is far from an echo of Shakespeare’s Tempest. John Fletcher crafts a witty comedy that rivals the better remembered bards of his time. His female characters are strong willed, humorous and well, horny. The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory did an excellent job unearthing this comedic gem.

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The Dancing Princesses at Pumpkin Theatre

Hidden in the winding back roads of Owings Mills lies one of the oldest and only theatres in the Baltimore area specifically geared towards young audiences. Pumpkin Theatre is currently in its 49th year of producing child-friendly performances and educational outreach. It is clear from their current production that their mission to introduce young audiences to the stage is still going strong.

The Dancing Princesses written by Jimi Kinstle with music composed by Mandee Ferrier Roberts opens with a singing Chancellor played by Roberts and a very perplex King played by Derek Cooper.

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