Seussical at Heritage Players: The Other Half of Jojo

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Oh! Excuse me there, reader, but I thought you’d like to know

Just what was seen today with the other Jojo!

Remember me, reader? We spoke last week about Seussical?

Well Heritage Players is two weeks in with that musical!

I don’t usually go back to see a show twice

But this show was smashing, it was really quite nice!

I gathered up my friends— five children in tow…

And when we arrived— well? We saw a different Jojo!

Jim Gross (left) as Horton and Brandon Goldman (right) as JojoJohn Cholod
Jim Gross (left) as Horton and Brandon Goldman (right) as Jojo

As mentioned before the role of Jojo was split

And Mister Brandon Goldman is also a hit!

Last week I saw Carly Dagilis and she’s good

You should really see them both, yes you should!

So that’s what we did, the kids five and me

And I’ll share with you their thinks and you’ll see!

That they agree across the board with what I’ve said before

This show is amazing, it’s sure not to bore!

Young Mister Goldman is a snappy kid with spark

When he sings his songs, he sings like a lark!

The eldest of my viewing group— who’s not quite 13

Said the whole thing was phenomenal and she’d be quite keen

To see it again because it was just that cool

She loved all the creatures in the Jungle of Nool.

And our nine-year-old friend said the show was lots of fun

She liked meeting all the characters once the show was done

She liked mostly everyone, but if she had her druthers

She’d stay away from this mischievous Wickersham Brothers!

The four-year-old and seven-year-old were quite entertained

They laughed the whole time, couldn’t keep their giggles contained!

They especially liked The Cat in the Hat

Mister Stephen Foreman, you’re still quite good at that!

Stephan Foreman (right) as The Cat in the HatJohn Cholod
Stephan Foreman (right) as The Cat in the Hat

And our 11-year-old, the only boy in the bunch

Well his favorite bit was the hunch!

Well, hunches, that is since there were a great many

He liked all the dancing, of that there was plenty!

So that’s a quick summation of everyone’s report—

Guess I could include my grown-up friend’s lovely retort

He thought there was good talent and he’s not that fond of musicals

But he was very entertained by this production of Seussical.

That’s all there is to it— now you’ve my word and several more

So why are you waiting? Get your butt out the door!

There’s only a few shows left of this musical!

Don’t miss your chance to see Heritage Players’ Seussical.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes with one intermission

Seussical plays through July 16, 2017 at The Heritage Players in the Rice Auditorium of the Spring Grove Hospital Campus— 55 Wade Avenue in Catonsville, MD. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance online.

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