Jeff Foxworthy Live at Hollywood Casino

“If your working television sits on top of your non-working, you might be a redneck.” The humor that put Jeff Foxworthy on the map as a stand-up comedian is how he chose to close his 75-minute set after really giving the audience a rip-roaring ride of good personal humor that touched the funny bone of everyone in attendance. It would have been a Foxworthy stand-up show without the infamous “redneck” string of hilariously low-brow comedic insults at the conclusion of the show, and the audience seemed as appreciative of its inclusion as Foxworthy was of the live audience. Graciously thanking everyone in attendance multiple times throughout the performance, he left a dent in the minds and hearts of the house that only a healthy dose of laughter can leave after performing for just over an hour at the peak of his comedic game.


A surprisingly convivial comedian, Foxworthy’s stand-up routine is at the pinnacle of heightened humor, being both topically relevant and personally invested. No subjects are off-limits— especially not his wife, who becomes the central focus of a great many earlier anecdotes— and Foxworthy toes the line of PC offensiveness with great care. One would expect a bit more off-colored humor from the stereotypical line of southern comedy that flavors the show, but Foxworthy keeps everyone tickled regardless of their standing, political or otherwise. Foxworthy’s routine doesn’t feel as if it’s a routine, and although there is very little direct interacting with the audience (a question or ‘show of hands’ here and there) the evening moves swiftly from one tale to the next, letting laughter land naturally on the audience’s ear without feeling trite.

Riffing on his wife quite a bit— everything from her tedious ‘packing for vacation skills’ to her complications on a road trip— Foxworthy isn’t afraid to get personal about his significant other, his children, or his parents. Balancing these humorous tales out with his own hilarious stories— between the kidney stones and the cat vomit there’s nothing he won’t share with the audience— Foxworthy makes a memorable evening out for all in attendance. There are political references, social media references, but mostly just good old fashioned personal tales of embarrassing truth— and as we’ve all been there, we all can relate, making him that much funnier. It was a splendid evening if you had the opportunity to catch either set.

Jeff Foxworthy played two-75 minute sets— at 8:30pm and 11:00pm in the Event Center of the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races on Friday August 29, 2016. For more upcoming performances in the event center, click here.

To follow Jeff Foxworthy on tour, click here.

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