Review: Seussical: The Musical at NextStop Theatre Company

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When the holidays are frantic or your Christmas is blue—

You should pack up the family and do what I do!

Head to NextStop Theatre Company this holiday season

Just keep on reading I’ll give you plenty of reason!

It’s their family production, suited for people of every age

It’s Seussical: The Musical now appearing live on the NextStop stage!

Directed by Jennifer Lambert with Evie Korovesis as Musical Director

These champions of family fun are this holiday season’s protector!

For all the things you will see! And all the sounds you will hear!

Rocks onto the stage just before the New Year!

The cast of Seussical at NextStop TheatreTraci J Brooks Studios
The cast of Seussical at NextStop Theatre

It’s a magical outing! A Whimsical display! Fun for the whole family, it’s true!

An honest recipe for holiday excitement, the only missing ingredient is— well? You!

Jack Golden masterfully captures whimsy as the show’s Scenic Designer

Why his Truffula trees, they have never looked finer!

Golden’s imagination runs wild and to the mind it fetches

The epitome of Seuss in all his bright scenic sketches.

Appearing in vibrant color, you’ll want to take a close look—

Golden’s background looks copied direct from the book!

But that’s not all the fantasticalness waiting where the aesthetic is concerned

It’s the Lighting and the Costumes, or so I have learned

That make this show incredible, wild and fancy free!

Just look at those colors, they’re screaming with glee.

Brian Stefaniak illuminates the stage with precision and order

Catch his bright showy bulbs blinking round the scene’s border?

Kristina Martin is responsible for the couture of the show

And she does a stupendous job, wouldn’t you know?

There’s fuzz and there’s feathers, and there’s rainbows galore!

With truly enchanting costumes from Martin, you couldn’t ask for more.

But more there is— to be seen and be heard

From amazing jungle ensemble members— from monkeys to birds!

And a nod must go out, somewhere it would seem—

To someone unnamed in the creativity team.

For the paper lantern glow-fish are extraordinarily clever

They’re majestic and wondrous, why they’re quite the endeavor!

And I must quickly mention, while I still have the chance

Ms. Katie McManus, who fills the show with fun dance!

Yes, jungle boogies, and shuffles, and lots of busy moving feet

Why McManus creates choreography that’s really quite neat!

She shows up much later, singing and acting too!

Why, McManus doubles up and plays the role of Sour Kangaroo.

And what a grumpus she plays, with an attitude unpleasant

Still, her strong voice and talent in the show are indeed quite the present.

Surprisingly enough NextStop appears to have an unlimited supply

Of adorable babies to put in costumes and onto stage, oh me! Oh my!

Little Miles Hoffmann is the most precious baby as Young Kangaroo

And shares that role with an anonymous baby at the end of the show too!

There are young performers by the dozen in the show, far too many to list

But they’re all quite exceptional in creating a show not to be missed!

The cast of Seussical at NextStop TheatreTraci J Brooks Studios
The cast of Seussical at NextStop Theatre

And in the true nature of showbiz, the show must go on and it does

With a special singing appearance in the role of Miss Gertrude McFuzz.

Jaclyn Young, acting and speaking for McFuzz, did exactly what every stellar performer must do

When a case of laryngitis strikes, she saw the part through!

Young’s facial expressions were pricelessly animated and hilariously done

As she lip-synced her solo songs, and still made the show quite fun

Evie Korovesis, the show’s musical Director, stepped in to pinch hit

Providing the singing voice of Gertrude McFuzz, and she was the perfect fit!

The show went on happening and what a great show it was

With two amazingly talented women carrying the role of Gertrude McFuzz!

There are so many great things that I still have to say

At the rate that I’m going, I’ll be here all day!

Erik Peyton in Seussical at NextStop TheatreTraci J Brooks Studios
Erik Peyton in Seussical at NextStop Theatre

There’s Erik Peyton, playing Jojo and it’s a role quite tremendous

Peyton’s voice is outstanding and his acting’s stupendous!

Allie Lytle belts out with a voice that must be heard

In her precocious approach to the role of Mayzie LaBird.

With a sparkling attitude every time that she sings

Songs like “Amazing Mayzie” why they truly take wing!

Let’s not forget Horton— for an elephant never forgets

And Matthew “Moose Thompson” is as good as it gets

When it comes to singing and having emotionally charged songs

With Thompson playing Horton you simply can’t go wrong.

Well I think that’s about all, with the dancing and singing for this show

I’ve reached the end here, now it’s time to go

You must get your tickets to see Seussical: The Musical because— wait. What was that?

Jaclyn Young and Ben Cherington in Seussical at NextStop TheatreTraci J Brooks Studios
Jaclyn Young and Ben Cherington in Seussical at NextStop Theatre

Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh! How could I forget? The Cat in the Hat!

Played by Mr. Ben Cherington, a brilliant stage delight

He’ll tickle your fancy all day and all night.

With a charming personality and great singing voice

It’s evidently clear that for this role he’s a great choice.

Oh the things you will think, oh the things you will see, the places they’ll take you when you see this show

There are so many wonderful people involved, I can’t think of one single reason not to go!

Running Time: Approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes with one intermission

Seussical: The Musical plays through December 20, 2015 at NextStop Theatre Company— 269 Sunset Park Drive in Herndon, VA. Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance online.

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